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Are you looking for a new addition to your family? You came to the right place!


The dogs featured here are spayed or neutered, current on vaccinations and have been provided veterinary care, if needed, and are now ready to join a loving home.


We would love to match you with a great rescue dog. When you see a dog you’re interested in, the first step is to read through and fill out the Adoption Application so that we may find out more about you and your family. This will help ensure that you and your dog are the right fit for each other. If you have questions, please contact us.


Suggested Adoption Donations

Effective January 1, 2013


An adoption donation of $250 or $150 (7 years and older) is requested. Medical expenses incurred, breed, or specialized training may warrant higher donation requests so that we may continue to rescue other dogs. An additional $200 refundable deposit for spay/ neuter/ microchip will be required on puppies that have yet to be altered and microchipped.


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Coonhound mix

Est. DOB 6/13/13

Male, neutered


Blue is a neutered coonhound blend who needs a family who knows and understands hounds. Coonhounds can be stubborn, so patience and consistency will be needed to help Blue reach his full potential as a family member.  This handsome brindle boy weighs about 50 lbs., and loves to play fetch. He's good with other dogs, but hasn't been exposed to many kids or cats. Blue is friendly and playful, so we're looking for a home where he could get plenty of outside playtime in a safe yard. He already knows a few commands and has transitioned well from being an outside dog on a chain tie-out to an indoor dog.   Blue is microchipped and current on vaccinations. Blue’s ideal home would have a fenced yard, another dog to play with and a family to provide him the love and attention he needs.  

Blue has moved to the prison training program with Second Chance Pups.

He will be available for adoption in late March. Contact Second Chance

Pups at if you are interested in adopting Blue.  


Yellow Labrador

11 years old

Neutered male


Meet Riley, the Yellow Lab with a heart of gold. Riley is a bit shy when he meets strangers, but will warm up quickly and be your best friend. He is house trained and is not destructive if allowed loose in the home. He seems to do best with smaller dogs and is okay with cats. Riley loves to fetch a tennis ball and is in good physical condition.  He enjoys going for walks and car rides and he understands his basic commands.  Riley is not protective of food or toys, but would do best in a home without children. He is current on his vaccinations and micro-chipped. Riley is a very loveable dog who adores the attention of the people he knows.  Riley prefers to not be left alone for long periods of time, so his ideal home would be with a retired person who is looking for a loyal companion. Riley would like a safe yard where he can chase his ball and maybe help his person with the gardening.



Labrador. Hound

6 years old

Male, neutered


Scooter is a gorgeous Labrador/ Hound mix who loves to go for walks.  He is shy of strangers but will warm up nicely if allowed to meet slowly.  He is good with dogs of all sizes and has shared his home with a cat. He is not recommended for families with children because of his tendency to not trust strangers.  Scooter weighs about 65 pounds, is house-trained, knows some of his basic commands and is not protective of his food or toys. He hasn’t been trained to a crate, but is not destructive if left loose in the home.  He is current on his vaccinations and will be chipped before being adopted. Scooter loves attention once he gets to know you and will lay his head in your lap for some petting and give you a soulful look with those beautiful eyes.  His ideal home would have a fenced yard, another dog to play with and an adult family who would include him in their daily activities.




Treeing Walker Coonhound

3 years old

Male, neutered


Javier is a bit shy with strangers and cameras, but he enjoys the company of mellow dogs and people he has had time to get to know. .Javier is one of three dogs being re-homed due to the illness of his owner.  It was the kind heart of his previous owner who saw the sweetness in this dog and knew that Javier would learn to trust him with a little patience…and he did.  Javier is a lower energy dog who is okay with school age children, but has not been around cats.  He is not protective of his food or toys and does well on a leash.  He needs a little work on his house training as he has done some marking in the house, but this can be corrected with training.  He weighs about 55 lbs., is current on his vaccinations, tested negative for heartworm and is micro-chipped.  Javier’s ideal home would have another dog for him to play with, a fenced yard to play in and a family who will provide love, patience and training.  This dog is like a budding flower who just needs the right environment to fully bloom.   



Carolina Dog?

DOB 7/25/11

Female spayed


At only 3 yrs old, Cali knows all of her basic commands and has been taught to ring a bell when she needs to go outside. She needs to be in an only dog home and is not a candidate for going to the dog park.  Although she likes some dogs, she prefers to be with her human. Cali has jumped a 4 ft. fence, so 6 ft. privacy will be needed. She weighs about 65 lbs.,is both house-trained and crate trained and medium to high energy.  Cali is cautious of strangers and prefers to meet people slowly. She would do best in a home without children. Cali loves to play fetch, but she also enjoys tearing the fuzz off of tennis balls when she can. She likes petting, but is independent by nature. Cali enjoys snuggle time once she is comfortable with you.  She is current on her vaccinations, micro-chipped and ready for her new home.  Cali’s ideal home would have 1-2 adults, who would stimulate her high intelligence with daily training challenges and also enjoy spending quiet evenings at home with her.




Pit Bull

DOB 3/2009

Female, spayed


Jade is a 6 year old Pit Bull mix who loves to be around people. She is looking for a home that will make her part of the family.  Jade would prefer to be an only dog, but currently lives with two other small dogs.  It took some time and effort, but she tolerates them now.  Jade loves to play and will never turn you down for a game of fetch. At around 50 pounds she is what we like to call a mini-pittie. Jade is crate trained, house trained, and knows some of her basic commands. She wants to please her owner, so would enjoy a home where she can continue to learn new tricks.  She eats 4 Health, grain-free dry dog food which can be purchased at Tractor Supply. Jade loves being around her foster’s children, but she doesn’t like water, so no need for a kiddie pool with this girl. Jade is a typical Pittie who loves to snuggle and go for walks and she’s a HUGE fan of car rides.  Jade is spayed, micro-chipped and current on all vaccinations. If you are interested in Jade or have questions about her, please send us an email at



Chocolate Labrador

DOB 3/15/05

Female, spayed


Bailey is a very friendly, 9 year old Chocolate Labrador who loves people.  She bonds most quickly with the men in her life, but is also affectionate to women.  She enjoys playing fetch and loves to go for walks.  Bailey knows her basic commands, is house trained and even knows how to use a dog door. She spent a lot of time around children who were of grade school age and did fine with them.  She is current on her vaccinations and micro- chipped.  She does not like cats and hasn’t spent any time around smaller dogs, but is somewhat okay with larger dogs. She just likes to be the one who gets the human attention.  Bailey is not possessive of her food or toys, she doesn’t try to jump or climb fences and she would love to be able to take an afternoon nap with her human.  Not a nap type person?  Then a walk in the park would be equally enjoyed.  Bailey doesn’t like the loud noises of fireworks, thunder or sirens and these things make her nervous if she is alone.  Everything is better when she’s with her human. Could you be the one she’s been looking for?



Boxer mix

DOB 6/12/13

Male, neutered


Lucky is a sweet tempered Boxer Mix. His owner moved to go back to school and had no place for Lucky to live.  At 1.5 years old he is eager to learn and to be loved.  It is easy for this dog to form close bonds to you and become loyal.  Lucky is highly adaptable and alert to your feelings.  He knows many basic commands and is just looking for a calm, confident leader who will continue his training.  More of an athletic dog, he would love a playmate.  Is that you or your family? Lucky is super potty trained, kennel trained and good with all types of people.  He is extremely sweet and seems to have a mothering instinct towards babies.  Toddlers and young children would find him a little too bouncy to play with, so older children are preferred.  He has had no issues with any size dogs.  Be prepared if you take him to the dog park for he is ready to get amped up!  He is not aggressive towards cats, but better without them.  Lucky really enjoys going on runs and is working on matching his pace with his handler.   Lucky loves people, so he tends to be very excited when he first sees a new person.   He is very quiet and usually only barks when he feels you may be in danger.  He will politely lay by the door and wait for you to notice that he needs to go outside.  This boy is super submissive; ready to share toys, food, people and mostly love.  Don't pass this sweetheart up! Please contact us to meet this happy go 'Lucky' dog!


Jack Russell Terrier

Neutered male

DOB 4/12/10


Buckley is a smart and playful, Jack Russell Terrier who needs to find his forever home. He can be a little nervous with strangers, but is curious and will usually come to them after he’s had time to look them over.  He is very gentle when taking a treat, but can be possessive of his food in a bowl.  He likes some dogs and does not like cats. Buckley enjoys petting, chasing a ball (he’s learning to give it back) and exploring in his yard.  He is up to date on vaccinations, has been neutered and tested heartworm negative. He is house trained and crate trained.  He would do best in a home without small children – teenagers would be fine. Buckley is a handsome little guy who enjoys spending time with his family. He likes to go for walks, rides well in a car and can be very entertaining.  He’s waiting for an owner to share his love with and one who will appreciate his fun personality. Can you see Buckley as part of your family?






11 years old

Male, neutered


Koko Is an 11-year-old Pomeranian who is looking for people who can show him love and appreciate his delightful personality.  He has had his share of bad luck and is learning to trust and accept being loved.  He loves to be outside investigating a safe surrounding. He tags along with his fosters as they do things around the house or outside.  He is currently living with another small dog and a big cat (declawed in front).  He doesn’t have teeth, but he loves to EAT!  He is currently on soft food and cooked hamburger.  Koko responds to his name and eagerly comes to see what you want him to do.  He is learning to walk on a leash...he likes to go slow and not very far.  He is current on his vaccinations.  When he came to us, he was having seizures and is now taking Phenobarbital which is working marvelously.  Since going on the meds, Koko is more alert, active and playful.   Koko LOVES to have his back scratched and does a little happy dance while you scratch it.  He is house trained, but needs regular trips outdoors and would probably not be able to hold it though an 8 hour work day.  Koko would be an excellent dog for someone who spends most of their time at home and wants a companion to keep them company.



Terrier Mix

5 years old

Male, neutered


Henry is a 5-year-old, neutered male terrier mix who weighs 30 lbs. He is protective of children, so would do best in a home where there are no kids to guard. Henry does fine at the dog park, knows a variety of commands and tends to ignore cats. He's more of a low-energy dog, but he is playful with adults, and his wirey coat only needs to be groomed every 3-4 months. The mailman and being boarded are at the top Henry's list of dislikes, so we're hoping to find him a home where his people will understand his needs and won't leave him in the care of strangers. For more details, please send your application or inquiry to:




8 yrs. Old

Male, neutered



Marley is a very friendly, 8-year-old Chihuahua who loves people and dogs of all sizes.  He enjoys playing with toys and is very playful and outgoing.  He is not fond of cats and will chase if he gets the opportunity. He is current on his vaccinations and micro-chipped. Marley just had his teeth cleaned, so he’s ready to have his picture taken with his new family.  Marley only weighs 10 lbs., is house-trained, crate trained and comes when called. He lived with another Chihuahua and they were good friends, so he would likely enjoy another friend his size.  Marley tries to talk when he wants to tell you something and we do mean “talk”, not bark.  If you are looking for a fun loving little entertainer to keep you company, Marley could be the one for you.



Miniature Pinscher

DOB 11/15/08

Male, neutered


Unlike his name implies, Rocky is a shy Miniature Pinscher who needs a home where he can get a confidence boost and know that he is safe.  He is being re-homed because his owner hasn’t had the time to house-train him and he spends a lot of time in his crate.  Rocky is friendly, barks when he first meets a new person and then settles down. He knows a few of his basic commands, but needs some work on his leash training.  Rocky gets along with school age children, other small dogs and cats, but doesn’t do well with larger dogs.  He weighs almost 12 lbs. and is a lower energy dog who is not protective of his food or toys.  He is current on his vaccinations and will be micro-chipped before going to his new home.  If you have a home with the structured lifestyle that will help this little guy to build his confidence and become part of the family, please email us at:



Pit Bull

DOB 1/28/13

Female, spayed


Korra is a 2 year old Pit Bull mix. She was found as a stray in Central Nebraska. Thanks to social media and people sharing her story, Nebraska No Kill Canine Rescue was able to locate a foster home just hours prior to her being euthanized and a ‘relay for life’ of volunteers teamed up to transport her to safety.


Korra loves everyone she meets.  A perfect day for her includes playing in the backyard, going for a walk/run, and then taking a nap next to you. She needs to go to an only dog/ no cats home. Korra’s favorite things are going for car rides, playing fetch and getting belly rubs.  An ideal family will include her in their active lifestyle, have 6 ft. fencing and continue to work with Korra on her training. She is house and crate trained and not protective of her food or toys to people. Korra is spayed, micro-chipped, and up to date on all vaccinations. Korra is 60 pounds of playful energy who is looking for a home she can call her own.




Yellow Labrador

DOB 4/16/2005

Female, spayed


Snickers is a senior Yellow Lab who is looking for a home where she can become part of the family.  She’s a big girl at approx. 80 lbs. and she is a lower energy dog who enjoys spending time with people.  She gets along with most other dogs,  does well with cats and also with children.  At almost 10 years old, Snickers is playful and she knows most of her basic commands.  She does pull some on a leash, but will settle in after a few minutes.  Snickers is current on her vaccinations and will be micro-chipped before she is adopted.  She is not protective of her food or toys and she is a cuddler.  In her current situation she is alone up to 20 hrs. a day, so Snickers would enjoy a home where she could be with people.  If you could open your heart and home up to this senior in need, you would have a loving and loyal companion to keep you company.     






DOB 8/14/2012

Male, neutered


Walter is a happy, two-year-old Beagle who is looking for a new home. In an unfortunate incident, Walter bit a young child who put her face in his face when he was blocked from escaping.  Walter grew up with children and had never shown any signs of aggression prior to this incident.  He was given a temperament test by a veterinarian and passed it without any issues.  We believe Walter is a good dog who was in a bad situation and made a mistake that should not cost him his life. He is house-trained and used a crate when he was young, but has had free run of the house for the past year.  He is current on his vaccinations and will be micro-chipped before being adopted.  Walter is good around cats and has acclimated well to his foster’s dogs.  He is a lower energy dog, but he loves to play fetch.  At 35 lbs., Walter would still like to be a lap dog and enjoys cuddling when he can.  He is not protective of food or toys and he is not a random barker. Walter will bark when a stranger comes to the door, but most of us want our dogs to do that.  He knows some of his basic commands and does pretty well on a leash.  Walter’s ideal home would have a fenced yard to play in, people or another dog to play with and a family who will include him in their daily activities and keep him safe.



Australian Shepherd Mix

2 Years Old

Male, neutered


Hank is a super friendly Australian Shepherd mix who would love to live in a home with children.  He was rescued from a shelter because he was heartworm positive, but has completed his treatment and is doing great.  Hank is always happy and he loves people of all sizes, but may knock over small children if he gets excited.  He plays great with other dogs and does well with cats.  Hank is mostly house-trained and will let his foster know if he needs to go outside.  He is also crate trained and knows a few of his basic commands.  Hank weighs about 50 lbs., is current on his vaccinations and micro-chipped.  He needs a little work at his leash walking because he does pull some.   Hank isn’t protective of food or toys and is an extremely good natured dog.  In his ideal home, Hank would be part of the family, have children to play with and fenced yard to play in.  Hank will make wonderful addition to the lucky family who chooses to adopt him.


Adoption Pending

Foxy & Candy

Terrier Mix

6-12 Months Old

Female, spayed


What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys?  Two fun loving pups who are best friends!  Foxy and Candy are two pups who came to us as strays that were picked up from a country road.  These two have formed a wonderful bond and we believe they will do best together.  Candy is the most outgoing of the two.  She enjoys playing with toys, snuggling in your arms and romping in the yard with Foxy.  Foxy is more shy, less interested in toys than she is at playing with Candy and she also enjoys lap time.  Both are spayed, current on vaccinations and micro-chipped.  They are house trained and will come when called once they know you.   Foxy  has jumped a 4 ft. fence, so a taller fence would be needed.  Foxy weighs 16 lbs. and needs to gain a few more. Candy weighs 17 lbs. and is the shorter of the two.  They could be sisters, but are built very differently.  Foxy looks and acts a lot like a fox and Candy has short legs, but they have similar coloring. They haven’t spent any time with cats, so not sure how they would respond.  They do fine with most other dogs and would likely do well with older children.  If you’re looking for a fun loving pair of dogs who will keep each other company while you’re at work, these two would make a wonderful addition to your family.





German Shepherd mix

DOB 3/14/2006

Male, neutered


Diggy is an 80 lb., German Shepherd mix who needs a special family to give him the attention and care he needs. He lost one eye to glaucoma and now is losing his home and friend Dozer (also up for adoption) due to a new baby on the way.  Diggy is blind, but gets around well in his current home.  He would need time to learn the layout of a new home, but he walks well on a leash and should adjust if given some time. He has had minor seizures in the past, but they have only affected his balance and he is not on any medication for them.  His current owner gets him to a safe place where he can lay down and be petted for a few minutes.  Diggy knows to come when called, heels on a leash and understands “Stop”. He is a very affectionate dog and loves to cuddle.  Once he finds you, if you pet him, he will drop to the ground for a belly rub. Diggy is a friendly dog who is good with other dogs, cats and children when properly introduced.  He is not protective of his food or toys, he’s current on his vaccinations, micro-chipped, house-trained and crate trained and is use to being left alone for 8-9 hours.  Diggy enjoys a rawhide chew, isn’t a barker and doesn’t mind being brushed.  Diggy is looking for a single level home that has a fenced yard or someone who will take him on regular walks. He needs an owner with patience and a big heart who has room for a loveable and loyal companion.




Labrador/ Pit Bull mix

DOB 10/9/2006

Male, neutered


Dozer is a 63 lb., Labrador/ Pit Bull mix who is losing his home and friend Diggy (also up for adoption) due to a new baby on the way.  He is a friendly dog who gets along with other dogs, cats and children.  He is a happy, higher energy dog who is very good natured.  He is house-trained, crate trained, knows some of his basic commands and he walks well on a leash.  Dozer is current on his vaccinations, micro-chipped and not protective of food or toys.  He qualifies as a senior, but is as playful and tail-waggy as a puppy.  If you’re willing to pet him, he will be your best friend.  Dozer’s favorite things to do are playtimes in the yard, going for a good run or walk and then finding the softest place he can to curl up for a nap.  Dozer is also not a barker.  He should do well in a home with a family who will include him in their daily activities and he would love to have a fenced yard to play in.




DOB 2/25/10

Female, spayed


Roxy is a happy Labrador who loves to be around people.  She is friendly and gets along with people of all ages and other dogs, but has not spent any time around a cat.  She knows some of her basic commands, and is great on a leash.  Roxy is very praise driven, so continuing her training with praise/ petting as her reward should prove to be very successful.   At about 85 lbs., Roxy would benefit from losing a few pounds and she absolutely loves to go for walks.  If you’re willing, she’d enjoy spending time going for walks in the neighborhood or visiting some parks with walking trails.  She is current on vaccinations and micro-chipped.  Roxy is currently living in a busy home with several other dogs and she gets picked on by four Chihuahuas when inside.  She has been submissive to the Chihuahuas to the point of cowering in a corner. Roxy is a lover, not a fighter.  A good description of Roxy is, that she loves everyone and everything and has an overall happy disposition.  Roxy’s ideal home would have a safe yard to explore, children to play with and a family who would include her in their daily activities and adore her for her sweet personality.  You just can’t help but to smile when you meet Roxy!




Miniature Pinscher mix

DOB  3/30/14 est.

Male, neutered


River is a 12 lb. Miniature Pinscher who loves to snuggle and burrow in blankets.  He gives “doing laps” a whole new meaning!  His house training isn’t quite at 100% yet, but he does well when kept on a regular schedule and can handle being crated without accidents overnight.  He does well with calm dogs and is currently living with another dog and a cat.  He has chased the cat.  River enjoys playing with toys and can entertain himself if he isn’t getting anyone else’s attention.  His energy level during playtime is high, but he settles down nicely afterwards.  He is not protective of food or toys and has done well around children.  River is a bit shy when he meets a stranger, but will warm up and enjoy some lap time after he’s had time to check them out.  River’s ideal home would have a safe place for outdoor play, someone to play with and a family who will continue his training and show him the love he’s looking for.




Australian Shepherd mix

2-3 years old

Male, neutered


Max is a loveable, 70 lb. fur ball, who is approximately 2-3 years old.  This Australian Shepherd mix finished his heartworm treatments in February and we’re hoping for a clean bill of health in September.  Max is a laid back kind of dog who can either be found laying at your feet or hanging out in his kennel.  He loves to be around people and also enjoys quiet time to himself.  Max really enjoys being outside and seriously LOVES the snow!  He does great with all sizes of dogs, but has not been around cats - although, due to his super sweet disposition, we would expect him to do just fine.  Max lived with a toddler in his foster home and takes all the commotion in stride.  He loves to play tricks on his people by taking slippers and socks and hiding them around the house and he does nightly rounds;  making sure everyone is ok and in bed before he retires to his room ( kennel ) for a good nights sleep.  Max is house trained, does fairly well on a leash and he knows some of his basic commands.  He will be a wonderful addition to a home where he can enjoy being part of the family and take part in their daily activities.